HRCA Results 2023, HRCA Elimination Round Result 2023
HRCA Results 2023, HRCA Elimination Round Result 2023

HRCA Results 2023

HRCA results 2023 has been announced today on 6th march 2023. We congratulate to the winners of grand finale. According to the HRCA website the prize will be dispatch till 6th of April 2023. We also say best of luck to the remaining candidates for the future competition.

HRCA Final Round Result 2023

HRCA final result 2023 has been declared today 6th March 2023 which was held on 23rd February 2023. You can check your HRCA result 2023 online from HRCA official website.

What is HRCA Competition

Hashoo Foundation for Arts, Culture and Education HRCA is a international children's art and creative writing competition is a global competition that aims to promote and encourage creativity and artistic skills in children. The competition invites children from all around the world to participate in art and creative writing categories.

The competition is open to children from the ages of 4 to 18, and they can participate in various categories based on their age group and interests. The categories include paining, drawing, essay writing, poetry writing, and short story writing.

The competition provides a platform for children to showcase their talent and creativity, and winners are awarded prizes and certificates. The competition also helps children develop their artistic and writing skills and encourages them to explore their imagination and creativity.

About HRCA

HRCA (Hashoo Foundation for Arts, Culture and Education) is an organization that organizes various competitions and events to promote arts, culture, and education. HRCA international children's art and creative writing competition is one of the annual competition.

How many types of Competitions in HRCA

HRCA organizes many type of competitions and event to promote art, culture and education. Here are some of the competitions organized by HRCA.

  1. International Children's Art and creative writing competition: this is an annual global competition that invites children from all over the world to participate in categories such as paining, drawing, essay wiring, poetry writing, and short story writing.
  2. Inter-School Quiz Competition: This is a quiz competition that is held between schools in Pakistan. It aims to promote knowledge and learning among students.
  3. Olympiad: This is a science and mathematics competition for students in Pakistan. The competition aims to develop students' problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  4. National Youth Carnival: This is annual event that brings together young people from across the Pakistan to showcase their talents and participate in various competitions, including music, drama, and sports.

These are some events/competitions which i mention here. HRCA conducts many training programs and workshop to promote arts, culture, and education as well.

How to participate in HRCA Competition

Participating in the HRCA International Children's Art and Creative Writing Competition is relatively simple. Here are the general steps to follow:

  1. Check the competition details and categories - Visit the HRCA website or social media pages to find out about the competition categories, rules, and deadlines.
  2. Register online - The competition registration process is usually online, and you can find the registration link on the HRCA website. Fill in your details and select the category you want to participate in.
  3. Create your artwork or writing piece - Depending on the category you choose, you will need to create a painting, drawing, essay, poem, or short story. Make sure you follow the guidelines and rules provided by HRCA.
  4. Submit your entry - Once you have completed your artwork or writing piece, you can submit it online through the HRCA website. Make sure to follow the submission guidelines and deadlines.
  5. Wait for the results - The results of the competition are usually announced a few weeks after the submission deadline. If you win a prize or award, HRCA will notify you via email or phone.

Keep in mind that the exact steps and procedures for participating in the HRCA competition may vary depending on the specific competition and category you choose. Make sure to read the guidelines carefully and follow the instructions provided by HRCA.


In this article we explain what is HRCA, What is their purpose of HRCA Competitions or events, HRCA Competition Types, How to participate in HRCA Competitions, HRCA Competition Results and many more. I hope you learned a lot from this article. Keep reading. See you in next article.

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