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The National Institute of Banking and Finance (NIBAF) is an auxiliary of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) head by the Managing Director, a Board of Directors and the Governor of State Bank of Pakistan. It is formed on 8 March 1993, its campuses in Islamabad and Karachi, NIBAF, a non-benefit association, goes for giving preparing and improvement to focal and business investors at national just as worldwide level. One of its significant jobs is to create human capital of SBP and its backups. It has prepared 140 members from agreeable nations through 22 weeks of preparing during the budgetary year 2006-07.

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Islamabad Campus
Address: Sector H-8/1
Pitras Bukhari Road
Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel: 51-9269850-58 (9lines)
Fax: 51-9269 835/36

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National Institute Of Banking and Finance jobs in Islamabad 01-Aug Detail
Post Title: District coordinator|Manager Administration and Finance