Lahore General Hospital jobs 2019

In 1958, that land covers 256 kanals. This land was located 17 kilometers from Lahore. the purpose of this land creation of a beggar house.on 27 February 1958, Begum Naheed Sikandar Mirza W/O Governor General of Pakistan established the base of the beggar house. the opening ceremony of Lahore General Hospital was held 30 September 1958 after the first construction completion.

After that, the beggar house was changed into a hospital. this idea was based on the public facility and also created Neurosurgery of King Edward Medical College. After some decades, other departments were established.
In 1998, Khurshid Ahmad was appointed as first Chief Executive of the Lahore General Hospital.
Lahore General Hospital announced many jobs in different departments on BPS 17- 18.

Department / Company Posted Date Detail
Lahore General Hospital Jobs 01-Jun Detail
Post Title: Emergency Physician|Emergency Surgeon|Psychologist|Neurologist|Cardiologist