Punjab Vocational Training Council jobs 2019

To concrete Punjab Vocational Training Council PVTC as the main association that gives proficient professional preparing to all the penniless youth any place they are in Punjab. What's more, we plan to accomplish this by surpassing our understudies' desires, remunerating our workers and giving appropriate chances to every one of the understudies to begin gaining a sensible business.

Address: 134-A, Industrial Estate, Madar-e-Millat Road, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore - Pakistan

Exchange: +92 (423) 5209200

ChairmanMajor (r) Shahnawaz Badar

Phone # 0423-5209201

Email: shahnawaz.badar@pvtc.gop.pk


Managing Director (Acting) Mr. Amjad Ali

Phone # 0423-5209202

General Manager Operations Mr. Amjad Ali

Phone # 0423-5209227

Email: amjad.ali@pvtc.gop.pk


Senior Manager Administration Mr. Waqar Azeem

Phone # 0423 5209226

Emal: waqar.azeem@pvtc.gop.pk


Senior Manager Finance Mr. Atiq Butt

Phone# 0423-5209212

Email: atiq.butt@pvtc.gop.pk


Senior Manager Curriculum Mr. Ghazanfar Abbas

Phone# 0423 5209203

Email: ghazanfar.abbas@pvtc.gop.pk


Manager MIS Mr. Rana Hammad Hassan

Phone# 0423 5209234

Email: rana.hammad@pvtc.gop.pk

Manager STTI

Phone# 0423-5209211


Manager R & D Mr. Shafqat Ur Rehman

Phone# 0423 5209252

Email: shafqat.rehman@pvtc.gop.pk


Manager Marketing & PR Mrs. Bushra Nawaz

Phone# 0423-5209223

Email: bushra.nawaz@pvtc.gop.pk


Manager HRMr. Raza Shamsi

Phone# 0423-5209200

Email: raza.shamsi@pvtc.gop.pk


Manager Legal Mr. Farhan Baloch

Phone # 0423-5209200

Email: farhan.baloch@pvtc.gop.pk


Manager M & E Mr. Nadeem Akram

Phone# 0423-5209200

Email: nadeem.akram@pvtc.gop.pk


Deputy Manager Internal Audit Mr. Muhammad Atif Iqbal

Phone# 0423-5209204

Email: atif.iqbal@pvtc.gop.pk


Deputy Manager CG & JP Mr. Muhammad Asghar Raja

Phone# 0423-5209253

Email: asghar.raja@pvtc.gop.pk


Deputy Manager Exam & Certification Mr. Mujahid Sheikh

Phone # 0423-5209233

Email: mujahid.sheikh@pvtc.gop.pk

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