Akhuwat Interest Free Loan, Akhuwat Qarz E Hasna, How To Get Loan

Akhuwat Interest Free Loan, Akhuwat Qarz e Hasna, How to Get Loan
Akhuwat Interest Free Loan, Akhuwat Qarz E Hasna, How To Get Loan

Akhuwat Interest-Free Loan How to apply for Akhuwat Loan

If you are a Pakistani National and have a valid CNIC and required money to fulfill your need you can lend money 700 USD / 150000. This is an Akhuwat Interest-free loan. There are many types of loan and the loan money also vary with the type of loan. If you are in an emergency and required an interest-free loan, the Akhuwat loan is 20000/ approximately. You can know the exact figure for Akhuwat's interest-free loan from their office. If you need any help or information about Akhuwat Loan, visit their office and meet with the relevant official. He/She will help you in this regard. All the following information has been taken from the website of Akhuwat The office address of Akhuwat Foundation in Lahore is 19 Civic Center, Minhaj Ul Quran University Rd, Sector A-II Twp Commercial Area Lahore, Punjab and Akhuwat Lahore Phone Number is: (042) 35112146

Family Enterprise Loan

Some gentlemen met in Lahore and share their idea to help poor people with loans that should be interest-free. Some of them appreciate his proposal and plan to start an organization that will help the needy people with Qarz e Hasna. At that time a gentleman donates 10000/- for the good deed.

There are some types of loans that you should know while applying for the Akhuwat Loan:

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Liberation Loan

Through this loan, you can get money of about 500 USD dollars which is equal to 103372 PKR. For more information about LIberation Loan visit the Akhuwat Office near to you.

Education Loan

Nowadays it is very difficult to bear the study expense, especially for your children. If you are University gone or college gone you can manage your fees. Some students could not bear their education expenses. Akhuwat Education Loan makes their lives easy. Now they can study and back their loan in easy steps. For the Akhuwat Education loan contact the Akhuwat office. They will help you further. The maximum Akhuwat Education loan is 250 USD which is equal to bout 50,000/- Pakistani Rupees.

Health Loan

Now Akhuwat has introduced the Health Loan for the persons who cannot afford the hospital and doctors expense/medical expenses. If you need to improve your health and you do have no money you can contact the Akhuwat Organization. The maximum amount for the Akhuwat Health loan is 200 USD which is equal to 40,000/- Pakistani Rupees.

Emergency Loan

Sometimes a person required money in an emergency, so Akhwat introduces the Akhuwat Emergence Loan which is 100 USD which is equal to 20,000/- Pakistani Rupees. If you have any emergency and need money feel free to contact the Akhuwat Emergence loan.

Housing Loan

If you want to construct your house and have less money you can contact Akhuwat for a Housing loan which is a maximum of 700 USD which is equal to 1,50,000/- Pakistani rupees. This construction loan will help you to build your dream house.

Marriage Loan

If you want a loan for the marriage of your own or for your daughter or sister's marriage to manage the expenses you can get a marriage loan from Akhuwat which may be up to 200 USD which is equal to 40,000/- Pakistani rupees.

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Agriculture Loan

Akhuwat has now started the Agriculture loan. If you have agricultural land and want some money to work on it. Contact Akhuwat they will help you to fulfill your need.

Eligibility Criteria for Akhuwat Loan

  • If you have a valid CNIC, you can get Akhuwat Loan
  • Candidates must be able to run a business and their age should be between 18-62 years.
  • Applicants should be economically active.
  • The candidate should be clear from any police case. He/she should not be involved in any criminal activity.
  • The candidate’s character should be good.
  • The applicant should be able to provide 02 guarantors out of family members.
  • Akhuwat has its branches so the candidates should be from its nearest branch.
  • For more information about the Akhuwat loan eligibility criteria please contact the akhuwat office.

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The procedure for Akhuwat Loan

Visit the nearest office of Akhuwat and submit an application which would be an application form. When you come for an application you must have all the required documents. The official will help him/her with the further process.

After application submission, a concerned staff member will check the application and eligibility criteria. After evaluation, your application will be moved to the next table for the completion of your loan process. So, you must have the following things while applying for the loan.

  1. Personal responsibility
  2. Two guarantors
  3. Postdated cheques
  4. Any additional collateral in special cases.

Document Required

  1. Copies Of CNIC
  2. Latest Utility Bills
  3. Latest Photos
  4. Copy of Nikahnama

For more information about Akhuwat loans visit the official website of Akhuwat. The link is given as follows.

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