How To Get Interest Free Loan In Pakistan - Interest Free Loan In Pakistan - Loan Without Interest

How to Get Interest Free Loan in Pakistan - Interest Free Loan in Pakistan - Loan without Interest
How To Get Interest Free Loan In Pakistan - Interest Free Loan In Pakistan - Loan Without Interest

Get Interest Free Loan in Pakistan

If you are living in Pakistan and you have a dare need for a Loan to fulfill your need then you don't worry. We will help you to get an interest-free loan. There are four sources that are giving interest-free loans to needy persons. If you are thinking that they will verify you in deep so do not worry their goal is to facilitate you to start your own source of income with their loan amount. So they will ask you some basic questions and give you a loan after completing their basic formalities. So, be happy now you can get interest free loan in Pakistan. Following are some foundations giving interest-free loans.

Ahsaas Interest-Free loan Scheme (updated 18-06-2022)

The government of Pakistan took initiative to facilitate Pakistani citizens with the Ahsaas Interest-Free Loan scheme to start their own businesses. The best thing about this Ahsaas Program is there is no interest while you pay it back. Through this interest-free loan program, skilled workers, ladies, and disabled, Shemales can start their own businesses. The government of Pakistan is giving 80000 loans every month with the help of PPAF and partners.

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Alkhidmat Foundation

Basically, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s basic motive is to support women in Pakistan. They make the women independent in economic ways. Alkhidmat Foundation women's wing was started in 2013. For detail on how to get interested free loan from Alkhidmat Foundation, we will publish an article very soon.

Tooba Foundation

Tooba Foundation is also a nonprofit organization situated in Karachi which is helping people in their tough times. They give interest-free loans from 5000 to 30000 to needy people. They also have some procedures which you have to follow to take a loan from tube foundation.

Akhuwat Foundation

A well-known foundation is founded by Dr. Amjad Saqib in 2001. The head office of Akhuwat Foundation is situated in Township Lahore. Akhuwat Foundation also helps people to start their businesses with interest-free loans. Many people in my circle take advantage of this foundation.

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NBP Student Loan Scheme (updated 16-07-2022)

The national bank of Pakistan is now offering interest-free loans for students. If you are a student of the any approved public sector university in Pakistan and have no money to bear study expenses now you can get an education loan from NBP. For the NBP student loan, you should visit the details. How to apply for an NBP student loan, click on the link below for the details.

Click here: NBP Student Loan Scheme Interest-Free

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