Get NADRA Covid Vaccine Certificate Online

Get NADRA Covid Vaccine Certificate Online
Get NADRA Covid Vaccine Certificate Online

Get Covid Vaccine Certificate

To get Coronavirus vaccination is very important in government and Semi-Government offices now a day. Official notifications have been issued that employees must be vaccinated within the time limit.

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How many doses in COVID Vaccine

There are also two stages to the vaccine. If one vaccine is given today, the next vaccine will be given 28/29 days later in Pakistan.

Download immunization certificate

After the vaccination, it is time to submit the certificate to your good office. So either get the certificate from the NADRA office or get it online. Whether you go to NADRA or online for a Covid certificate, you will have to deposit 100 rupees. If you go to the NADRA office, you may encounter a long queue there. If you want to get an online certificate, you must know how to transact online and you are able to run computer/digital literate.

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Online Covid Certificate:

If you are digitally literate and have a computer system/laptop or a smartphone with the internet you can easily download your immunization certificate from the website  for the proper guidance in Urdu you can click on the Download: How to get Covid Certificate Online Urdu

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