Health Tips For Healthy Life For 35 Above Age Peoples

Health Tips for Healthy Life for 35 above Age Peoples
Health Tips For Healthy Life For 35 Above Age Peoples

Health Tips for Healthy Life

We are sharing with you golden health tips which will be your healthy lifestyle tips ever. We will happy to see you here for the tips for a healthy life. Our team is trying its best to keep you updated about jobs and health tips. If you are above 35 you should see the following health tips for your future.

Check and Control your Blood Levels

Please keep checking the following two:

  1. Your blood pressure
  2. Your blood sugar ratio

How to check blood pressure?

To check the blood pressure manually, sit in a relaxed manner with the arm at rest on a flat surface. Secure the cuff on the bicep and squeeze the balloon to increase the pressure.

Watch the tool monitor and increase the pressure to about 30 mm Hg over the normal BP, or to 180 mm Hg if this is not known. When the cuff is inflated, place the stethoscope just inside the elbow crease under the cuff. The normal Blood Pressure is 120/80 mm Hg. You may use digital tools for blood pressure checkups available in the market.

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How to test blood sugar levels at home?

The people who are diabetic patients check their blood sugar levels on daily basis. But if you are above 35, you should also check your blood sugar level for your health. Regular testing will help you to protect against long-term health problems.

Very easy steps you have to follow if you want to check your sugar level at home.

  1. Buy a Glucometer from your nearby pharmacy or general store for your home use with test strips and lancets.
  2. Put a small drop of your blood on a test strip and your glucometer will appear the level of your sugar on it.
  3. Note it down on diary with date and time and monitor it regularly.

Minimize the use of these seven things

  1. Salt (Namak)
  2. Sugar
  3. Meat or other preserved foods
  4. Red meat
  5. Milk and its by-products
  6. Starchy foods
  7. Beverages with carbonated gases

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Include these three items in your diet

  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruit
  3. Dried fruits

Trying to forget these three things

  1. Your age
  2. Your past
  3. If you have been wronged or abused

Keep these four things to yourself, no matter how hard you try

  1. Relationships with your loved ones and friends
  2. Take care of your family
  3. Positive Thinking
  4. Trouble away from your home

Take care of these five to protect your health

  1. Fasting
  2. Humor and smiles
  3. Continuous travel and tourism
  4. Physical exercise
  5. Work hard to lose weight

Never ignore these four things

  1. Do not wait for thirst to drink water
  2. Do not wait for sleep
  3. Do not wait for fatigue to rest
  4. Don't wait to get sick for your regular medical tests

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The eighth and most important thing

  1. Strengthening your spiritual relationship with God Almighty, arranging recitation, attempting tahajjud, and abundance of supplications and prayers.
  2. Istighfar for caste and abundance of blessings and peace upon Aqa Habibna Mustafa (peace be upon him). And Darren's happiness will be found. Inshallah.

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