How To Apply For Sehat Insaaf Card Sehat Sahulat Program

How to apply for Sehat Insaaf Card Sehat Sahulat Program
How To Apply For Sehat Insaaf Card Sehat Sahulat Program

Sehat Sahulat Program

Govt of Pakistan takes a very great initiative for the poor families who are living under the poverty line. According to the Munnu Bhai column in the newspaper, 40% of people of Pakistan are facing poverty. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf PTI announced the Sehat Sahulat Program for low-income families. If you have a Sehat Sahulat card then you can easily receive health services in many Public and Private Hospitals across the designated regions. For more information about the Sehat Sahulat Card, you can call on helpline 080009009. A family can take treatment of Rs.60,000/- to Rs. 300,000/- per anum.

How to apply for Sehat Insaaf Card

I will share my personal experience with you. I SMS my CNIC on the given number 8500 and recieved a message that i am not eligible for Sehat Sahulat Program. I call at the help line becuase my salry is also under Rs.50,000/-, they inform me that please go to NADRA and update your data and you will be eligible for Insaaf Sehat Card.

Add you family members in your record from NADRA for free health facility.

List of Covered Diseases in Sehat Insaaf Card

You can take treatment of the following diseases under the Sehat Sahulat Card.

  1. Accident and Emergencies
  2. General Medicine
  3. General Surgery
  4. Orthopedic
  5. ENT
  6. Pediatrics
  7. Neurosurgical Diseases
  8. Gynae and obstetrics
  9. All types of Cancers
  10. Breast Cancer Screening
  11. Cardiovascular Diseases
  12. Genito-Urinary Diseases
  13. Diabetes Complications
  14. Artificial Limbs (Prosthetics)
  15. Ophthalmology (Eye Conditions)

You can find detailed diseases under the Sehat Sahulat Program Click here.

Eligible Provinces for Sehat Sahulat Program

The current Govt of Pakistan PTI started the Sehat Card Program in the following areas of Pakistan:

  1. Azad Kashmir
  2. Islamabad
  3. Balochistan
  4. Punjab
  5. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  6. Sindh
  7. Tribal Areas
  8. Gilgit Baltistan

The health facility is given in the above-said areas of Pakistan. 

How to Check Eligibility of Sehat Sahulat Card?

If you want to check eligibility for National Health Card open the website

Click Here: Check Sehat Sahulat Eligibility

Or SMS your National Identity Card Number to 8500, to check your eligibility in the program. One more option is also available here to call at 080009009.

Sehat Sahulat Card Hospital List

Eligible persons with having National Health Card can take treatment in many public and private hospitals of Pakistan. If you want to know the hospital name, please click here and check the list of hospitals for the Sehat Sahulat Program.

Click Here: Sehat Sahulat Hospital List

Who is Eligible for Sehat Card?

The program includes all those identified in the poverty survey conducted under the Benazir Income Support Program.

Here you can read the Urdu document where all the eligibility is mentioned.

Click Here: Who is Eligible for Health Card

How many times we can Use Health Card

You can use it for a minimum of Rs. 60,000/- and maximum Rs.300,000/- per anum. You can only use it for medical purposes.

How to Get Sehat Sahulat Card 

  1. Step 1: Check your eligibility, SMS CNIC at 8500. You will receive a message of eligibility or not eligible.
  2. Step 2: In case you have been declared eligible, you can receive your Sehat Insaf card / Qaumi Sehat Card from the card distribution center developed in your district.
  3. Step 3: Determine the empaneled hospitals for Sehat Sahulat Program. Take the following documents when you visit the impaneled Government/ Private hospital. Sehat Insaf card / Qaumi Sehat Card, Original CNIC, B-form (In case of child treatment).
  4. Step 4: After reaching the empaneled hospital you may approach the dedicated SSP representative counter for further assistance. The SSP staff shall verify your Sehat Insaf card / Qaumi Sehat Card and will guide you to the relevant hospital department for the treatment.
  5. Step 5: The cost of treatment after the patient has been admitted to the hospital shall be charged from the Sehat Insaf card / Qaumi Sehat Card.
  6. Step 6: Call us at 0800-09009, for your feedback. You will also receive a call from the SSP staff to take your feedback for the experience and treatment received. You can also send us your feedback/complaints through our website feedback form.

For details visit the link: Apply Online for Sehat Sahulat Card

How to apply for Sehat Insaaf Card Sehat Sahulat Program
How To Apply For Sehat Insaaf Card Sehat Sahulat Program

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