Internships in Pakistan

Internships for fresh graduates, in Pakistan and other countries there is a trend to give opportunity to fresh graduates to learn or to get experience in his/her relevant field. There are many examples who not only earn education but also earn money during study period. Government of Pakistan also take initiative to educate students or fresh graduates for their relevant work. Government also give them incentive for their work/internship. There are two type of internships in Paksitan as Paid internship, free internship. In paid internship people work and get money of their work which can be a part time job or full time job and second is a free internship, in this type people and students get jobs without any incentive, only for the sake of learning which helps them alot and big advantage for them is not to compete anyone. Organizations prefer them to hire as a internee.

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How to Apply

If you are a fresh graduate then you should to contact with your concern head of department or any institution's administration and take a reference letter and get internship in you relevant field or organization. If you are not a fresh graduate and you want to learn some skills you should also go to the relevant organization and tell them you want to learn and you will not take any kind of money for your work. They will happily appoint you as a internee. When you konw that you are a expert then you can apply in that organization as a employee and ask them for your desired salary.

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